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Let's transform the way we learn and teach to gain agility in a constantly changing environment.

To facilitate teaching and learning at all ages, we develop solutions, which are driven by neuroscience findings, to enrich and maximize the learning capacity of the human brain.


Our approach is based on a 3-prong analysis: the cognitive strategies developed by each brain to learn; the current level of knowledge of the learner; and the intrinsic weight of each knowledge.

Research and

Since 2007, our Team has been studying the functioning of the brain in learning situations. We are developing a new approach to teaching based on our experience and recent discoveries in neuroscience.


A new kind of AI - Vortical Intelligence (VI) is at the heart of our pedagogical tools.
VI allows us to personalize learning paths, increase motivation and reduce the drop-out rate.


Our vision is to transform the way we learn and teach to gain agility in a constantly changing environment.

To achieve this, we aim to:

  • Help each human being to develop his or her intellectual potential, by personalizing the learning path and building on strengths.
  • Give teachers useful tools to facilitate their mission, reduce the heterogeneity of knowledge in the classroom and become agile architects of knowledge.
  • Enable learners with useful skills to overcome the upheavals generated by a world which is in perpetual transformation and contribute to the construction of a more resilient society.
  • Create bridges between the worlds of education and economy, while respecting the biological rhythm of the human brain.

Our Solutions

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LMS for educational institutions that supports teachers with the newest cognitive teaching methods, advanced tools & AI.

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Based on our unique and exclusive cognitive profiling model, our HR Platform offers 100% personalized personal skills development.

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B2C E-learning platform for individuals, offering individualized training pathways, supported by our virtual coach and facilitated by the Braincore Academy community.

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Our proprietary cognitive assessment tests help each learner accelerate their learning capacity by optimizing their persona cross-disciplinary skills.

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Our consultancy guides public and private sector institutions in the creation and deployment of digital training solutions and increases their entrepreneurial agility.


  • Know how their brain works in a learning situation.
  • Receive personalized advice on how to improve their skills - regardless of age or prior knowledge.
  • Benefit from a coaching adapted to their real needs.
  • Validate their skills with an innovative token system.
  • Acquire new skills to evolve agilely in a VUCA (or Volatile, Uncertain, Complex and Ambiguous) environment.
  • Understand the implications of digitization on the brain and learn how to give the right tools to their child.
  • Find ways to (re)connect with their child.
  • Access information and advice from experts to motivate their child.


  • Know the cognitive profile and specific needs of each of their students from Day1 , to quickly give them the right keys to activate their potential - both in class and remotely.
  • Reduce the heterogeneity of knowledge within the class, to be able to comply more quickly with the standards of the teaching guidelines.
  • Activate the skills of each of the students, so that they can find their place in a constantly changing world.
  • Save time and be more effective with new powerful management tools.
  • Able to expand and disseminate their courses to bigger group of audience and be rewarded for their quality.


  • Gain agility and access to new ideas in the fields of teaching and lifelong learning.
  • Find new ways of training that are secure and respectful of intellectual property rights.
  • Able to validate the skills of learners via a certified token system.
  • Able to validate remote certifications via blockchain process.
  • Anticipate needs and train people in the acquisition of new skills.
  • Accompany any learner in a personalized manner, either in person or remotely.


Who are we?

BrainElem is an EdTech company, developing and providing digital neuro-pedagogical solutions. It is based at BioArk Monthey, a technology site in Switzerland.

Our mission is to facilitate the learning process of all human beings, regardless of their age and initial training. Since 2005, we have been developing software that provide personalized methodological advice according to each type of cognitive profile, so that each person can develop his or her skills and reach his or her training objective more easily.

The founder, Jean-Jacques Martin, has been teaching since 1996 and founded his own school, the Nemesis School, in 2002. At the same time, he studied the functioning of the brain during the learning process, as well as the impact of emotions on this process and on self-development. In 2007, he created a first R&D team, composed of experts in psychology, sociology, neuroscience, computer science and mathematics. Together they developed the first series of school management tools (LMS) with artificial intelligence, and then a cognitive diagnostic tool - the BrainCore test.

Since 2020, the team has grown with the arrival of experts in artificial intelligence and physics. It is modelling new algorithms and creating a new type of machine intelligence - Vortical Intelligence (FAQ refers) which makes it possible to measure the weight of knowledge and to create a dynamic learning platform: BrainElem Academy.

How does the BrainCore diagnostic tool work?

Le test BrainCore permet d’évaluer les fonctions neurocognitives et la plasticité d’apprentissage du cerveau humain. Notre logiciel mesure 5 valeurs – les valeurs NAD® – qui identifient les processus de transfert du savoir vers les zones mémoires.

After establishing a diagnosis, our software formulates and curates personalized learning solutions according to the learner's cognitive profile. This approach corrects learning and motivation problems by giving useful keys to the student, his teachers and his parents.

The test consists of an online self-assessment questionnaire, consists of about 100 questions and takes about 15 to 20 minutes to complete.

Designed in 2015, this diagnostic tool has since been implemented in several educational institutions in France, Poland and Switzerland. Its use has helped to reduce the dropout rate, speed up the training process and enable students with difficulties to regain confidence in their abilities and obtain their diploma.

What is Infotropy?

Infotropy refers to the "chaotic" state of certain information delivered by the web medium. This state is generated by the very rapid transformation by an uncontrollable number of individuals of the initial value of the information, which thus becomes difficult to authenticate.

The arrival of the internet has brought about important paradigm shifts in the communication sphere. Any information posted online can now be commented on, altered and disrupted by an uncontrollable number of individuals, which considerably impacts its initial value. The simple fact of observing this information generates a probability of changing its intrinsic value once again. This phenomenon is similar to an entropic condition, as it increases the informational disorder.

The term “infotropy” was coined by Jean-Jacques Martin in the context of his reflections and research on the influence of social changes linked to digitalization on cognitive capacities.

What is the potential impact of infotropy on the cognitive skills of the human brain?

Jean-Jacques Martin hypothesizes that infotropy cannot remain without impact on the functioning of the human’s brain. He is studying the effects of infotropy on young people, more specifically on the changes in their learning strategies and possible medium-term modifications.

A trend towards the consumption of short, low-cognitive-load information is gradually taking hold among young people and potentially disrupting the effort-based biochemical reward system of their brain.

The digital tools currently marketed by Edtech companies with mainly commercial aims are not sufficiently adapted to a disruptive stimulation of young pupils' learning strategies. A duty of precaution is now required within the world of education.

BrainElem will therefore study the impact of infotropy on the cognitive skills of the human brain in greater depth, in various cohorts of volunteers from autumn 2022.

How to stimulate the cognitive potential of the human brain?

We have noticed that the over-stimulation of the brain, caused by the continuous use of digital media (« smart " phones, tablets, computers), leads to a decrease in the load capacity of individuals.

As educators, we are deeply concerned about this decrease in brain capacity and are looking for new solutions to stimulate the cognitive potential of the human brain.

Brainelem développe dans ce but un nouveau type d’algorithme – l’intelligence vorticale (VI) – , capable d’entraîner la capacité de mémorisation, d’inciter à produire un effort et d’exercer les capacités d’abstraction, de réflexion et de distance critique propres au cerveau humain.

What age groups are your solutions aimed at?

Les solutions actuellement disponibles sont recommandées pour tout apprenant dès l’âge de 12 ans.

The tools we use are tested on age groups aged 12-24 and 24-65. We use separate tools for groups of adults and from different work backgrounds. We adapt the content, form and method of communication to the expectations of our clients of all ages.

We also work on supporting the development and competences of the youngest, under 12 years of age.

How can I contribute to this new educational vision?

Everyone is invited to contribute to the BrainElem adventure, the new ethical educational universe. While waiting for its launch, you can already:

  • Join our community on social networks
  • Join a cohort of students or teachers to participate in our research on the impacts of infotropy on the human brain
  • Propose content for the future BrainElem Academy educational platform
  • Support the development of Vortical Intelligence by investing in our sustainable project


Our partners

Since 2014, our team has been able to build lasting partnerships with schools, training centers and institutions in France, Poland, Switzerland and soon in Singapore.

Our partners have in common the desire to support human beings in their training process and to prepare them as well as possible to meet the challenges of the future.

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